US alters rules for funding for animals with human stem cells — Ars Technica

John Timmer writing for Ars Technica discusses new NIH rules for stem cell research – specifically injecting human stem cells into embryos of another species.

(credit: California Stem Cell Agency) On Thursday, the National Institutes of Health announced that it was revising the rules that govern its funding of stem cell research. The rules focus on cases where human stem cells are introduced into embryonic animals, creating an embryo that’s a mixture of human and animal tissues. While the rules…

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On Finding Your Voice



A lovely post that seems very appropriate to share as I begin writing, and to return to in the future.

Dear Hannah, My English teacher told us yesterday to write in our own voice and not to write descriptively, saying “can I have some water” instead of “may I partake of that liquid refreshment?” This slightly goes against everything I’ve ever learned about formal writing. I love writing descriptively and making the leaves dance between […]

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As I am about to leave the cozy comfort of academia, I thought I might document the transition here, on my very own blog. I will try to post about personal and professional ups and (the inevitable) downs, research that interests me, as well as intersections between STEM fields and politics, especially with regards to social justice issues.

Time to dip my toes in the water! All the cliches!